Bad Print Blank Calendar Sheets x 12


This pack is a set of 12x calendar cards in 4 colors- 3 fluo orange, 3 fluo pink, 3 kelly green and 3 orchid Riso printed blank calendar sheets. Features 6 weeks of blank squares and a notes section on the bottom of each card.

This is my attempt to recycle more of my bad prints that don't come out as I expect them to- either with the wrong colors or poor registration or were originally tests! Each back is totally unique and features all the quirks of Riso!

***Important note: Sometimes there's a bit of Riso ink or 'dirt' on the front of the calendar sheets from the Riso printing process. The ink is light but it is visible! Some of the prints have them and some do not. If you want perfect, unblemished calendar sheets then these Bad Print calendar sheets aren't for you!

This pack is perfect for adding just a little bit of info to each day and seeing multiple months at a time if you need! and once you're done with the month you can display the bad prints next to your active calendar. This is how I like to keep organized ^_^