Freyja, Norse Goddess


This print is based on the story of Freyja's necklace, Brísingamen. In the story Freyja falls in love with a necklace made by the dwarves, loses her lover while she's off admiring it and then hunts around the world to find him on her sky chariot pulled by two cats. Originally for the Giant Robot Yokai, Folklore and Fairytales show.

Risograph printed in three colors- blue, fluorescent pink and yellow. Size is 8 1/2 x 11.

*Riso or Risograph is a printing process made by layering different colored soy based inks to create rich and vibrant images. Because this process requires adding one layer of ink at a time, slight changes in registration are natural. This makes every print unique as they can differ slightly from one another. I always inspect each Riso print for good print registration, hand sign them and send them with care in a stay flat mailer. I currently ship out once per week, please allow for 1-2 weeks shipping time. Thank you!