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Hey everyone,

Sorry for the long hiatus on Blogger! I have switched to Tumblr and I post there regularly now.



Charlotte Home + Garden

A piece for Charlotte Home + Garden Magazine. It was really nice doing something for my hometown.


Digital Love

for Bust Magazine!

Wes Anderson Posters

Four Wes Anderson posters for a screening of the movies at Geeksboro Coffeehouse


Light Grey Great Personality Exhibition + Game!

Here's the trailer for Great Personality, an interactive dating sim game! It’s inspired by the Myers-Briggs personality types, so there’s a little psychology behind choosing and interacting with these characters. It's all up over at Light Grey Art Lab if you want to play the game!
This is my character, Lukas Boots. He'll be animated a little in the game and comes with a very strange shaped head! Perfect for dating! 


STET Media

Here's something I forgot to post here, a piece for Editorially's STET Journal about Attention, Rhythm and Weight.


PLANSPONSOR, Having the Right Skills and Tools

obviously, one dude's got the mermaid skills. Thanks so much SooJin Buzelli for the opportunity!


Different Feline Breeds

A list of cats I'd like to/ already own.



The New York Times Giving Section

The New York Times // Giving Section
It ran in black and white but was in color on the website. It was about choosing a charity to donate to and the researchers who help you with that process.
Thanks so much Rodrigo!


Grocery Witch

good ole grocery witch



Mamu + Ana
small comic to end the summer.

NYT Letters section

Had a piece in the Times about the new healthcare plan and how it may be limiting our choices of doctors. Thanks so much to AD Alexandra Zsigmond!

itty bitty :3


Two Opinions

My illustration for Sarah Lawrence College magazine alongside a short story by Joan Silber. It's about a girl who walks a fine line between respecting her parents' anti-war ideals and understanding her friends' struggles during World War II. She realizes she doesn't have to choose between the two and makes her own viewpoint in her difficult position.

“It’s okay to have two opinions,” her mother warns, “if all you have to do is have an opinion.”

Thanks to my AD Hannah Fichandler!


Soot in the Mountain

Continued from my senior thesis, a collection of southern stories based on folktales from around the world..

Two sisters searched for medicine in the mountain to find a cure for their ailing mother. They decided to split up, but the youngest kept a close watch on her older in case wild things tried any trouble. The oldest was by the creek when she heard a slow, deep voice ask her for her hand in marriage...
read it in full with the other stories here


Demon Child

Based on the Russian folktale Baba Yaga

Having been told since she was very young she’d turn into a demon at thirteen, a young girl grew up thinking she was mischievous and terrible. Her parents were all too happy to send her away to her remote aunt the day before her birthday, an exile they hoped would dissociate themselves with such an ugly situation. When the girl arrived her aunt told her she planned on eating her on her birthday to suck up all her demon juices. She was thrown into the cellar and locked up until then. The girl found an escape from under the house and tried to run through the garden that surrounded the property to get away. But as she stepped through the garden the azaleas bit at her legs and a great thicket grew so high that she was forced to turn back. The girl snuck back by the house and as she tended to her swelling bites a little tabby cat came up from the cellar. The girl gave it some food she’d stolen from home. To her surprise it thanked her and told her how she could escape her aunt...

read it in full with the rest of the stories here


The Devil's Promise

One hot summer day the Devil was seized with the desire to marry, so he took the form of a human and pursued the most suitable young woman in town. She refused his offers...read it in full with the rest of the stories here

This story is based on a Moroccan folktale 7 Brothers and A Sister


The New York Times Book Review


First time ever working with The Times and man, those guys are super super nice. Thanks so much Nicholas Blechman!