Online Riso Basics Workshop - Layering with Color

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Layering with Color: An *Online Only* Riso Basics Workshop

Natalie will be teaching how she layers color for the Riso, share her tips and tricks for how to make Riso printing more accurate AND fun, and share how she likes to set up files for Riso printing. This is a great workshop for artists who want to see in-depth file prep and are happy to see the Riso process via Zoom. Natalie works entirely in Photoshop for this workshop, just FYI. Although this layering process can work for Procreate too, the workshop will be in Photoshop.

This workshop will take place online, live from Natalie's Atwater Village studio in Los Angeles, on Sunday May 7th, 2023 from 12:30pm-3:30pm PST.

What are we doing during the workshop?
Attendees will be contacted a few days before the workshop with the Zoom link. At the start of the class Natalie will give an introduction to her work, share some Riso inspirations and talk about why she likes Riso as a print medium. Then Natalie will demo one of the prints from her library so attendees can see the Riso color layering in action. This is a great time to learn the basics of how Riso works and what Riso's quirks are. Then Natalie will share the file set up from sketch to color via screenshare, with lots of time baked in for questions and demos.

**Extra Credit Homework: After the workshop attendees will be asked to provide a simple line art file with some different values in the way Natalie sets up her files for print. Natalie and her assistant Printed Pony will add them all to a collaborative workshop print so everyone can see how different styles of art, mark making and values work on the Riso. Everyone can receive this print (and all the other workshop materials) in the mail if they wish (printing this is part of the workshop price)!

What's included?
This workshop also includes a goody-bag of Riso prints to takeaway and reference later: My Fave Riso Flavors color chart print in all 8 color drums Natalie has in the studio, The Cool Cats Color Chart in orange, blue and yellow, and a PDF of best riso practices.

Natalie will be teaching with her assistant and Riso extraordinaire Printed Pony (who's name is also Natalie! but we'll keep it Printed Pony here for clarity's sake. <3). Printed Pony will be contacting attendees about files and logistics for the workshop about a week prior to the workshop.

This is a great workshop for artists and creators who are interested in understanding the basics of how the Riso works and how Natalie layers her files for a wide range of values and colors. Basic understanding of layers in photoshop is extremely helpful for this workshop. Natalie will be sharing how she works in Photoshop on a wacom Cintiq.

Class is $150 which includes the price of paper and consumables, Riso printed extras, and payment for Printed Pony's time and expertise.